Tips For Throwing An Elegant Outdoor Party With Everyday Items.

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Elegant Backyard Party – Bed Bath and Beyond

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So I was thinking about planning an outdoor party for my son’s 14th birthday. I turned to Pinterest for some inspiration. My good friends have mastered the art of outdoor entertaining and I wanted to show of my skills by incorporating everyday pieces to create something elegant. I have a magnificent backyard area full of fun things to do for everyone and I have a ton of area to work with.I have to add that you don’t need a huge area at all. Providing the proper layout of the land is key to throwing a successful party. No matter the size of the space, the flow of the area is very important. Let me show you how I utilized the area I had. I partnered with BED BATH and BEYOND to throw the best birthday ever. He was completely surprised!

Birthday Party Siblings and Helpers #partycrew

Here are my tips for ensuring a successful backyard party everyone will enjoy and talk about for years to come.

Make Sure to Have Enough Seating

When planning an outdoor party, one should plan for the gathering to last around five to six hours. That is a long time to stand and guests will get tired, so it’s important to provide enough seating for everyone. I created a lounge setting and a dining area. At the entrance I wanted a high table so guests could grab a cocktail to start the celebrations. Lets determine the number of guests.


If you can cover the seating…you are the bomb! This particular party was planned around 6pm. In the summer its important to plan around higher temperatures. Now back to seating..

The seating area should be inviting and well kept.Bed Bath and Beyond has everything you need for throwing a party for every season and the prices were so great. One aspect to having an inviting seating area, is to have many cushions and textures like a throw or linen.

Themed Party – Plan the Decor

Keeping within a simple and elegant birthday party I chose neutral tones including dusty rose, cream, nude, black, and gold. The ideas were inspired by a summer in the Hamptons. Now that we have covered location, seating (number of guests) Lets talk about the food.


It’s perfectly fine to order in and saves time thats for sure. I love having a bit of both. Something that both adults and kids will enjoy. I set up a FAMILY STYLE table which is one of our favourite ways to eat. Preparing multiple platters to get started.

Lets talk about the smaller details and finishing touches. In all honesty I set up for this party twice because it rained and I was coming up with plan two when the sky went completely blue and I was so relieved. I got some beautiful florals and use can use fresh flowers as well. I later on brought out some candles and lights as the sun was setting.

Its nice to know that everyday pieces can create such an incredible setting. After the event was done, it took under an hour to get everything away. Thats what I adore the most about the pieces I found.


Being a hostess is stressful at times and if you don’t have the time, it can add to the craziness.Hope these tips help you plan your next occasion at home. I swear Pinterest is the best for ideas and since you are not one of those overachievers anything you creative will be amazing. A succesful event doesn’t have to be extravagant, and as the host you can create the experience. No matter what, you want to relax and enjoy the experience completely. More inspiration here





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